Ages 3-4

Our Preschool child care program offers a daily schedule and routine as well as a variety of activities to engage your child and get them ready for Pre-K as well as Kindergarten. They will participate in Circle Time every day as well as Daily Centers. Our program focuses on a letter of the week, sign language word of the week, and Spanish word of the week. Your child will read stories with their class or come up with a story on their own, build in our block center, use their imagination in our dramatic play area, explore their senses during texture time and explore nature. All of our classes get to participate in our art program, Creative Kids, and learn how to create art in a comprehensive, exploratory way.

Our Certified Teachers know how to make learning fun. We send home daily logs to help you connect with your child at the end of their day about what we are working on and learning. You will receive a weekly art log and your child gets to create their own Art Portfolio. Quarterly Progress Reports are sent home to track progress and watch as they grow and learn new things.

Circle Time Center includes Calendar (Days of the Week), Weather, Shapes, Colors, Numbers, Alphabet, learning the concept of time and tracking what time of day it is along with a lesson centered around the Theme of the week, Letter of the Week, Sign Language and Spanish word of the week.

We now have a dramatic play area called "The Village" which is a portion of the Preschool set up to encourage creative play, especially at the beginning and end of the day. Here we have a library, building supply store, pet shop, bakery and cafe and a movie theater.