Infants 4 Months and up

The Pasture Classroom is a very sweet and loving classroom that feels like home for those Infants who are a little older, but not yet toddlers. The space is cozy and inviting and has age appropriate toys and space for everyone from babies just learning to sit up to those who have just mastered walking. Our excellent team of Infant Caregivers set us apart from all other infant programs.

Just like in the Meadow, our teachers read lots of stories, sing songs and follow a weekly development program, to ensure that they are helping your child reach all of the new milestones that they need. They do crafts and activities on a daily basis and they have a door that goes directly to the grassy, infant play area outside and get to spend time outside (weather permitting). The teachers will communicate with you via our Daily Logs and in person, regarding foods and bottles, schedules and routines. 

Our Team of Infant Caregivers and Infant/Toddler Program has been evaluated using the ITRS and has achieved one of the highest levels of ratings. This is based on a series of things such as communication with baby, nurturing, organization of the classrooms, adequately stimulating the infants, age appropriate activities with the children and incorporating cultures and diversity into the learning environment. We use sign language with the babies and they absolutely love it and it helps them communicate their needs at an early age with their teachers and parents! 

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