Three days a week at Little Lambs

Here the children learn the Basics of Music and have a music note of the week, they are introduced to different instruments, explore different genres of music, sing and have fun!

Miss Eleni is our Music teacher and she is creative, energetic and an amazing Violinist. She also teaches music at St. Joseph's in Kingston, NY. She brings music and instruments to life for the children and her class is one that the children look forward to all day long.

On Fridays, we have "Music Time with Miss Giana!" A fun time to sing and dance with one of our very own teaching assistants, Miss Giana, and her guitar! Giana is currently pursuing her education in Early Childhood from SUNY Ulster and spends a lot of time with our Toddlers and Preschoolers. Her Friday afternoon music sessions are something that all of our little ones look forward to!

We have a couple of performances scheduled per year.