Nick and Kelly Kohler are the founders and Directors of Little Lambs Academy. They created Little Lambs Academy in order to give parents (like themselves) peace of mind.

Kelly has a background in Business Management and a passion for children. She graduated from New York Military Academy (High School) and then Nyack College in 2003 with a degree in Business Marketing. Kelly is older than her five younger siblings and babysat for several families all through college. She is continuing her education in Early Childhood Education. Her professional experience includes Marketing, Business Management, Training and Human Resources. This has given her the experience and business knowledge that she needs to run Little Lambs Academy with excellence! Little Lambs started as a dream and Kelly loves spending her days connecting with the children, staff and parents here at LIttle Lambs Academy.

Kelly's husband, Nick, also has a background in Business Management and Education. His experience in Management has taught him how to be great team leader and he has always enjoyed working with children in religious and secular settings. He has had several roles leading youth programs of all ages. Nick has taught in the Toddler rooms, Preschool and in the Afterschool Program, Beyond School. Nick enjoys coordinating special programs including his favorite subjects such as nature and art. He is great at inspiring creativity and his passionate, loving character causes children of all ages to trust and love him.

Kelly and Nick began Little Lambs Academy when their three children, who are 19 months apart, were two and their daughter was three. They had always dreamed of adoption and in 2015 they added to their family by three little ones! (They are looking forward to updating their family picture once their adoptions from foster care are final.) They are advocates for local foster care and have experienced tremedous personal growth since deciding to add to their family. They say it all came from a series of "yes!"es. Life as parents of six and directors of Little Lambs is busy, but well worth it as every day is full of amazing surprises.

Kelly and Nick continue to work diligently to put together the best programs and people to care for and inspire creativity and learning in your children. They are passionate in their efforts to make Little Lambs Academy the very best place that it can be — a home away from home. They are beyond grateful to be able to wake up every day and return to Little Lambs Academy.